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Cloud Hosted PBX

Cloud Hosted PBX

Cloud hosted telephone systems replace that “box on the wall” with a network of geo-redundant servers across the internet. This allows your office to place and receive phone calls using your existing internet connection rather than traditional phone lines, which are often more expensive to own and maintain.

Challenges of Conventional Phone Systems

Traditional phone systems include a box that lives in your building that’s programmed to control all of the phone handsets.  These boxes are expensive, difficult to program, and can fail, causing lost phone calls, dropped conversations, or a total communications outage, which means lost revenue.

Contact us, and we’ll do the rest! 

Our Cloud PBX systems can completely replace an in-house phone system.  Just sit back and save money!

​We will configure, program, and deploy your new phone system to any and all office locations.  We can even help you acquire new internet connectivity if necessary.  As a reseller of over 100 major internet providers across the country, we can find the best connectivity options for you and your new phone system!